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“Hi Gil, I wanted to let you know that I’ve really enjoyed using the service so far. The condensing of information into headlines is very helpful and I love the green and red arrows for skimming purposes.”

Vikram Arun, Ledger Capital

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“Literally the only source of news on altcoins beyond the top 40.”

Jack Smith, The Tribe VC

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“The $99 per month is worth every dollar for me as I have an interest in monitoring many currencies. I still love a couple other news sites, but I don’t have to view them as much as I used to since this keeps me informed quicker.”

Cory Hoffart

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“I recently attended the Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore, where I met many true experts in the industry. It was fun to actually be more informed than some of my new friends there simply because I had the Newsfeed available to me all day.”

Mark Kemsley